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noodles on my birthday = long life!

noodles on my birthday = long life!

Fuck yeah real life Mario Kart! 

It took me years but I finally managed to shake the hands of my enemy. I now find peace within myself.

life lessons…

life is interesting in that there are those who you spend your entire childhood with but when that pivotal event of adulthood occurs we become strangers, those childhood games we played forgotten, and we pass by each other with no expressions of acknowledgments made and we just keep moving forward forgetting the past we spent together.

I am a proud big brother! Congrats baby sis!

I am a proud big brother! Congrats baby sis!

My Own Hollywood Story

I feel as if I could be the star of a cliche hollywood film…

Boy leaves small hometown for the college/city life and then boy returns to hometown after many years of being away only to reconnect with long lost childhood friends and family…except Facebook and other social networking medium sort of ruined that latter part.

The ending is quite obvious…boy returns to the city leaving once again his family and friends behind; but what’s in the middle of this story is what I’m curious to see unfold during my short visit home. It will certainly be memories to treasure and many mixed emotions as an adventure awaits.

See you in a couple more hours Hawaii!!!